TinLeeHe and Henry Builders.

TinLeeHe is the new generation of Henry Builders. Built off the success of Iowa home building by the Henry family since 1954.

Our Story.

     Richard Henry started building homes and developing land in 1954, on much of the land that Des Moines and Pleasant Hill sit on today. As a young child David Henry worked side by side with his father learning the trade. After graduating high school Dave joined Baker Electric working as a foreman and continued working with his father building homes after work and on weekends. Their reputation grew, Richard and David continued to take on more and more work together. This lead to the point that Dave quit Baker Electric and became a full time home builder. Building homes all over central Iowa.

     Austin, just like his father wanted to be part of the family business. Helping and getting involved in all ways that he could. Dave bought Golf Cars of Iowa in 1997 while still building full time.  He continued to grow this new purchase of his to be as successful as it is now. Once Golf Cars grew larger Dave devoted his time to Golf Cars only and slowed down on the home building. This was at the time that Austin was beginning to want to take on more. Austin along with the guidance and help of his father once again began building homes. in 2011 They built their first pole building. This rapidly grew to building several. In 2013 They built their first custom pole building home for a customer. This trend has grown steadily, they have continued to build pole building homes along with other post frame construction buildings and conventional homes throughout Iowa.


Custom Homes &

Pole Barns